Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SDCC Certificate and Associate Degree in Graphic Design

Visual and Performing Arts
Art: Graphic Design
Living in an information-seeking society, we are surrounded by words and pictures. It is the task of the graphic designer to research, analyze, organize and make artistic order out of chaos. Graphic design students must learn to speak a global visual language and develop an awareness of the meanings and power of symbols and words. The products and services they design and promote will make a social and ecological impact. An emphasis is placed on using design to make a difference through social and humanitarian projects and practices.
Program Emphasis
Early emphasis is on the design process, form, color and typography. The elements and principles of design are applied to projects which include packaging, magazine production, and design and production of posters, logos and brochures. Guided by instructors who are working design professionals, students learn to design for the real world. They make decisions about issues of concept, format, imagery, type, printing and methodology. Computer and traditional methods are used to solve graphic problems. The program culminates in a professional portfolio which can be used to continue studies to a four-year university or obtain employment. The portfolio is critiqued by practicing design advisors and alumni.
Faculty Office Telephone
Candice Lopez T-310A 619-388-3560
Andrea Singer T-309A 619-388-3933
Career Options
Some careers in graphic design-related work require education beyond the associate degree. This list is not all-inclusive: advertising designer, art director, environmental graphic designer, graphic designer, type designer, illustrator, and magazine/editorial designer, multimedia designer, web page designer.
Academic Programs
Major requirements for an emphasis in graphic design for the certificate and associate degree require completion of the courses listed below. Additional general education and graduation requirements for the associate degree are listed in the catalog. The associate degree requires a minimum of 60 units.
Certificate of Achievement: Visual and Performing Arts, Graphic Design
Students are provided with skills for entry-level employment in the graphic design field while also developing a portfolio in graphic design for jobs and/or specific university admission requirements.
*NOTE Take all beginning level classes first, followed by intermediate and advanced as the classes build on skills learned in previous courses.
ARTG 100, Basic Graphic Design
ARTG 106, Typography
ARTG 125, Digital Media
ARTG 118, Graphic Design History
ARTG 120, Illustration
ARTF 155A, Freehand Drawing I
ARTG 124, Intermediate Graphic Design I :Page Layout
ARTG 133, Intermediate Graphic Design II: Identity Systems & Packaging
ARTG 148B, Portfolio B [Spring only]

ARTG 149, Studio Practices Portfolio Preparation [Fall only]
ARTG 206, Advanced Typography [Fall only]
ARTG 144, Web Page Design
Total Units = 27

Associate in Arts Degree: Visual and Performing Arts, Graphic Design
The associate degree program offers employment skills, development of a portfolio in graphic design and offers courses for preparation for university transfer.
ARTF 110, Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic
ARTF 111, Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ARTF 155A, Freehand Drawing I
ARTG 100, Basic Graphic Design
ARTG 106, Typography .
ARTG 118, Graphic Design History
ARTG 120, Illustration
ARTG 125, Digital Media
ARTG 124, Intermediate Graphic Design I
ARTG 133, Intermediate Graphic Design II
ARTG 148B, Portfolio B [Spring only]
Total Units = 33
Recommended electives: Art- Graphic Design 126, 144, 148A, 149, 206, 270, 290; Art-Fine Art 210A; Photography 100, 105.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SDCC American Institute of Graphic Arts Student Chapter

Welcome to the Fall 2010 Semester at San Diego City College Graphic Design.

Would you like to learn more about AIGA? You can visit the chapter blog at:

You can also email our SDCC Student Chapter President Brenda Ortiz at:

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End of November: UNITE
City wide student event bringing together design students from across San Diego County.

Upcoming event this semester: BowHaus [art+dog houses]