Thursday, October 30, 2014

AIGA SDCC Studio Tours first week of November

What a great Fall it has been. Next week we have two new studio tours so put on your walking shoes. Meet at 9:30 sharp on Monday November 3 and Wednesday November 5 at AH 401. We will be walking from SDCC to these two downtown studios.

November 3 at 10am
350 Tenth Avenue. San Diego, CA 92101
Paul Drohan, Executive Design Director

November 5 at 10am
The Mth Degree
950 6th Avenue. #212. San Diego, CA 92101
Steven Morris, Principal

Remaining Event this Fall:

Digitaria  November 3 @10am
10:00 am Paul Drohan, Executive Design Director, Digitaria
350 10th Ave San Diego, CA 92101

The Mth Degree  November 5 @ 10am
Steven Morris: Principal of Mth Degree
950 6th Ave #212, San Diego, CA 92101
10:00 am

Blik  November 12 @ 3:10pm
Studio Tour and Design Sustainability issues: Tyler Blik
710 13th St # 209, San Diego, CA 92101

Sean Bacon November 19 @ 3:15pm
Sean Bacon
Securing scholarships, going for your masters and becoming a design educator

Diego and Sons December 1 @ 10am
Diego and Sons Printing Tour
2104 National Ave., San Diego, CA 92113

Mingei Museum December 3 @ 3:30pm
Tour of Mingei International Museum
1439 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

Helvetica December 10 @ 3:10pm

AH 306  

Spring 2015 Graphic Design Class Schedule

San Diego City College Graphic Design/ Arts & Humanities

Beginning Level
08491 ARTG 100 Basic Graphic Design             MW  2:20pm-5:30pm     AH402             Min Choi
65068 ARTG 100 Basic Graphic Design             MW  6:00pm-9:10pm     AH402             MaeLin Levine
06449 ARTG 106 Typography                             MW  9:35am-12:45pm    AH406           Amy Becraft
55666 ARTG 106 Typography                             TR   6:00pm-9:10pm      AH406            Amy Becraft
41170 ARTG 118 Graphic Design History          WEB                                                       Candice López
80904 ARTG 118 Graphic Design History          WEB                                                       Candice López
93223 ARTG 118 Graphic Design History          WEB                                                       Candice López
06455 ARTG 118 Graphic Design History          T/Th  9:35am-11am        AH401           Candice López
65102  ARTG 120 Illustration                              MW 2:20pm-5:30pm      AH306           Wayne Hulgin
54886  ARTG 174A Book Arts 1                          Th 1:00pm-5:45pm        AH405           Andrea Singer
06432  ARTG 125  Digital Media                        WEB                                                       Julie Warren
06432  ARTG 125  Digital Media                        T/Th 2:20pm-5:30pm       AH406          Julie Warren

Intermediate Level
56120  ARTG 124   Page Layout                          T/Th 9:35am-12:45pm     AH404          Sean Bacon
03136  ARTG 133   Logo and  Packaging             TR 6:00pm-9:10pm         AH 402         Min Choi
54969  ARTG 144   Web Page Design                  MW 6:00pm-9:10pm       AH406          Paul Drohan
73947  ARTG 206   Advanced Typography          T/Th 2:20pm-5:30pm      AH404          Amy Levine

Advanced Level
08489  ARTG 148B    Portfolio B                          MW   9:35-12:45             AH404          Sean Bacon
65084  ARTG 148C   Portfolio Building                MW    1:00pm-4:10pm   AH404          
                                                                                                                     Candice López/ Sean Bacon

View the Requirements for the Graphic Design Certificate and Degree

Click this link to view past portfolios
Class of 2014 San Diego City College Graphic Design 
Class of 2013 San Diego City College Graphic Design

Monday, October 20, 2014

Josh Higgins speaks to Changing the World Through Design

Grateful. Last Wednesday Josh Higgins spoke to the Artists and Designers Today class and our AIGA SDCC student chapter via skype from Facebook Headquarters. It was so much fun.

Check out this recent article from the Phoenix New Times about making a difference with your life and work.