Tuesday, May 29, 2012

San Diego City College Graphic Design Portfolios

View some of our portfolios:

Thanks to SDCC portfolio class alumni who have posted their work to share. Please click on the links to view their stellar portfolios. Students who attend San Diego City College create portfolio books that can be used to obtain transfer to four year design programs or get an entry level job in the field of graphic design. Please click on the orange links next to each name to view their portfolio.

Jesus Aguilera Portfolio
Desiree Aspiras Portfolio
Sonya Calderon Portfolio
Ying-Jen Lai Portfolio
Judie Le Portfolio
Larisa Mamonova Portfolio
Rachel Wright Portfolio

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fall Graphic Design Certificate and Degree Programs

Art: Graphic Design
Living in an information-seeking society, we are surrounded by words and pictures. It is the task of the graphic designer to research, analyze, organize and make artistic order out of chaos. Graphic design students must learn to speak a global visual language and develop an awareness of the meanings and power of symbols and words. The products and services they design and promote will make a social and ecological impact. An emphasis is placed on using design to make a difference through social and humanitarian projects and practices.
Program Emphasis
Early emphasis is on the design process, form, color and typography. The elements and principles of design are applied to projects which include packaging, magazine production, and design and production of posters, logos and brochures. Guided by instructors who are working design professionals, students learn to design for the real world. They make decisions about issues of concept, format, imagery, type, printing and methodology. Computer and traditional methods are used to solve graphic problems. The program culminates in a professional portfolio which can be used to continue studies to a four-year university or obtain employment. The portfolio is critiqued by practicing design advisors and alumni.
Faculty Office and Contact Email
Candice Lopez T-310A  calopez@sdccd.edu
Andrea Singer T-309A  asinger@sdccd.edu
Career Options
Some careers in graphic design-related work require education beyond the associate degree. This list is not all-inclusive: advertising designer, art director, environmental graphic designer, graphic designer, type designer, illustrator, and magazine/editorial designer, multimedia designer, web page designer.
Academic Programs
Major requirements for an emphasis in graphic design for the certificate and associate degree require completion of the courses listed below. Additional general education and graduation requirements for the associate degree are listed in the catalog. The associate degree requires a minimum of 60 units.
Certificate of Achievement: Visual and Performing Arts, Graphic Design
Students are provided with skills for entry-level employment in the graphic design field while also developing a portfolio in graphic design for jobs and/or specific university admission requirements.
*NOTE Take all beginning level classes first, followed by intermediate and advanced as the classes build on skills learned in previous courses.
ARTG 100, Basic Graphic Design
ARTG 106, Typography
ARTG 125, Digital Media
ARTG 118, Graphic Design History
ARTG 120, Illustration OR ART G 149, Book Arts
ARTG 124, Intermediate Graphic Design I :Page Layout
ARTG 133, Intermediate Graphic Design II: Identity Systems and Packaging
ARTG 206, Advanced Typography
ARTG 148A, Portfolio A [Fall only]
ARTG 148B, Portfolio B [Spring only]

ARTG 149, Studio Practices Portfolio Preparation
ARTG 144, Web Page Design

Associate in Arts Degree: Visual and Performing Arts, Graphic Design
The associate degree program offers employment skills, development of a portfolio in graphic design and offers courses for preparation for university transfer.
ARTF 110, Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic
ARTF 111, Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ARTG 100, Basic Graphic Design
ARTG 106, Typography .
ARTG 118, Graphic Design History
ARTG 120, Illustration OR ARTG 149, Book Arts
ARTG 125, Digital Media
ARTG 124, Intermediate Graphic Design I
ARTG 133, Intermediate Graphic Design II
ARTG 206, Advanced Typography
ARTG 148A, Portfolio A [Fall only]
ARTG 148B, Portfolio B [Spring only]
Recommended electives: Art- Graphic Design 126, 144, 149, 270, 290; Art-Fine Art 210A; Photography 100, 105.

Friday, May 18, 2012

AIGA SD Portfolio Review & Decompression Session

At SDCC Graphic Design we are so incredibly proud of our students who brought home top honors and had the courage and dedication to complete stellar portfolios. There is nothing quite as thrilling as seeing so many give their personal best at this event. Thanks to members of the San Diego Design Community listed on this poster for sponsoring this incredible event for students. Bravo to AIGA SD Education Chair Min Choi, AIGA President Amy Levine and all the professional reviewers who gave of their time and talent. We also appreciate the many volunteers from City led by our 2012-13 Chapter Presidents elect Jasmine Jimenez and Vina Rathakoune. This year City was recognized with four awards and we held our very first post review Decompression Session. Special thanks to Kamilah Albahri for taking the time to swing by and inspire us with her portfolio. Our dear friend photographer Steven Simpson was also there and helped us so much through the portfolio process as did photographer Tim Whitehouse. We thank all the vendors especially our friends at Inscriptu for helping our students. A big shout out to our amazing faculty including Andrea Singer and Sean Bacon pictured above in these photos. Thanks to our incredible SDCC team that including Amy Becraft, Amy Levine, MaeLin Levine, Lisa Starace, Blair Thornley, Julie Warren, Julie Willis and our lab tech Eugene Brown for all they do for City students. The support of our department chairs June Richards and Alicia Rincon helps get us all there. Thank you all again and congratulations to the San Diego City College Portfolio Class of 2012!

Candice López

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fall 2012 SDCC Graphic Design Class Schedule

Tentative Fall 2012 Schedule:
For student planning purposes we are publishing this class schedule that is subject to change.

ART G 100  Basic Graphic Design      M/W 9:35-12:40  T309/T310            Andrea Singer
ART G 100  Basic Graphic Design       TH 9:35-12:40 Web/T310               Andrea Singer
ART G 106 Typography                      M/W 5:55-9:00pm  T310                 MaeLin Levine
ART G 118 Graphic Design History     WEB August 20-October 12            Candice López
ART G 118 Graphic Design History     WEB August 20-October 12            Candice López
ART G 118 Graphic Design History     WEB August 20-October 12            Candice López
ART G 118 Graphic Design History     T/TH 9:30-11:30 V403A and Web    Candice Lopez
                   Hybrid meets on August 20-October 12 on campus then online till December 13
ART G 120  Illustration                      M/W  9:35-12:40  C213                     Blair Thornley
ART G 124 Int. Graphic Design 1      T/Th 3:35-6:30pm V403B                  Sean Bacon      
ART G 125  Digital Media                  WEB                                               Julie Warren
ART G 125  Digital Media                  WEB                                               Julie Warren
ART G 125  Digital Media                  T/TH 9:35-12:40 T309                      Julie Willis
ART G 133 Int. Graphic Design 2        M/W 9:00-12:00  V403A                  Candice Lopez 
ART G 144  Web Page Design           M/W  5:55-8:25pm                           Julie Willis
ART G 148A Portfolio A                    M/W 1-4:05  T310                             Sean Bacon 
ART G 149 Studio Practices:            T/TH 9:00-12:00  V403A and WEB     Sean Bacon
                                                                                                             Candice López
Portfolio Building                                 October 15-December 13
ART G 149 Studio Practices:               R  3:00-9:30  T310                         Andrea Singer
Book Arts
ART G 206 Type 2                              T/TH  5:55-9:00pm  T310/T309       Amy Levine

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wednesday May 16: Portfolio Workshop V403A

A big shout goes out to all the amazing SDCC students who expressed their visual voice and viewpoint at the AIGA San Diego Portfolio Review last Saturday. So proud of all our alumni and bravo to Adrienne Armstrong who took the coveted Best Typography award and third place with her work. Rachel Wright brought home honors for Best Packaging and Kristian De Laurentis won Best Sustainability. There is no way to thank Adjunct Professor Sean Bacon for his vision, leadership and dedication to students in both Portfolio A and Portfolio B. He gave many late nights to students mentoring them and sharing his incredible type and layout skills.

Don't miss our very first DECOMPRESSION SESSION this coming Wednesday May 16th at San Diego City College in Room V403a from 11am to 1pm. If you are planning to take Portfolio in 2013 you simply can't miss this presentation. You will see the finished work of this year's students, benefit from their firsthand advice, tips, tricks and receive guidance from Sean Bacon and Candice López who team teach Portfolio. The event is open to everyone so see you there!

San Diego Adobe CS6 Camp at SDCC: June 2

Don’t miss the first ever San Diego Adobe CS6 Camp at San Diego City College on June 2 from 9am-5pm. This full day seminar with Adobe presenters and industry artists sharing how the new upgrades in CS6 will revolutionize your creative workflow. These presentations are hands on in 3 classrooms at the new SDCC photo center. The event will be kicked off with a keynote speaker and guests will be treated to a full-catered lunch. The cost is just $10 and your can register at this link. There will be lots of give-away gifts and each attendee will get a gift packet from Adobe.
Topics include:
Eric Addison: Premier Pro CS6
Stephen Burns: Photoshop CS6 for Artists
Sally Cox: CS6 Touch Apps
Zoarana Gee: Photoshop CS6 Overview
Brian Haberlin: Digital Painting in Photoshop CS6
Lee Varis: Lightroom 4
Also Presentations on Flash and InDesign.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Saturday is the AIGA San Diego Portfolio Review. If you are planning to be in portfolio in 2013 it would give you a great head start to see what this dynamic event is all about. It’s all about getting you a job or transferring to the school of your dreams. Your portfolio is what makes it happen!

AIGA SDCC Portfolio Review: Observers Registration Fee is $20. Here is a link where you can register in advance or you can pay at the door.
For the first time the SDCC Portfolio teachers, Sean Bacon and Candice López have planned a very special event that we know students won’t want to miss. It will be our very first Decompression Session. Please join us on
Wednesday May 16 in Room V403A from 11am –1:00 pm on the SDCC Campus [This room is in the photography building]
You can view the finished portfolios from members of this year’s portfolio class. It’s your chance to hear direct from them what the experience of portfolio and the portfolio review was like. While it is still fresh in their minds they can tell you what worked for them and what didn’t. Not only will this event be fun and fascinating it will give you valuable information to propel your own work in portfolio.
See you there!