Friday, July 22, 2011

Fall 2011 Graphic Design Schedule

To register for SDCC graphic design classes this Fall click here and select list classes.

If you don't know the order you should be taking classes then please view this link. Should you wish to view information on transfer schools and graduate programs for further study click here.

Design 100 T 12:45-3:30pm Partially online Andrea Singer

Design 100 MW 9:35-12:40 On campus Andrea Singer

Typography 106 MW 9:35-12:50 On campus Amy Becraft

Typography 106 TTh 5:55-9:00pm On campus Amy Becraft

Graphic Design History 118 3 sections offered Fully online Candice López

Design History 118 MW 9:35-10:55 On campus Candice López

Illustration 120 MW 9:35-12:20 On campus Blair Thornley

Int. Graphic Design 1:124 Fully online Lisa Starace

Digital Media 125 2 sections offered Fully online Julie Warren

Digital Media 125 MW 1-4:05pm On campus Julie Willis

Int. Graphic Design 2:133 TTh 8-11:05am On campus MaeLin Levine

Web Page Design 144 MW 5:55-8:25pm On campus Julie Willis

Portfolio A: 148A Th 11:10-2:10 Partially online Sean Bacon

Studio Practices: Book Arts 149 MW 1-4:05pm On campus Andrea Singer

Advanced Typography 206 TTh 5:55-9pm On campus Amy Levine