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This Wednesday: Nicola Vruwink of Art Center College of Design

This Wednesday: 
Nicola Vruwink
Art Center College of Design
Room AH306
Everyone welcome

Learn about diverse careers in the design field and discover one of the top design schools: Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

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Grow your Digital Skills at San Diego City College

With the demand and growth of digital in our world and in our future careers, these classes are essential to your success. Here are project examples of previous students work from these dynamic classes. Paul Drohan is the Executive Design Director of Digitaria and brings his real world expertise and enthusiasm to our brand new Graphic Design Digital Lab.

Examples of Student Work:

There are only a few seats left so go to the first class meeting.

ARTG 144  Web Page Design
51654 6:00-8:30pm Monday/Wednesday in AH 406

This intermediate course explores the best practices and graphic elements of successful web design. Emphasis is placed on understanding the basics of web design, anatomy of a web site, web design unity, elements of web design, web typography, adaptive and responsive design and user experience. This course is tailored to the student in graphic design working towards building a portfolio for graduation. Each component and class assignment is intended to assist in effectively communicating your ability as a designer to visualize and execute a strong viewpoint, plan and voice.

ARTG 126  Intermediate Digital Media 2: Mobile Experience Design
41522 6:00pm-9:00pm Tuesday/Thursday in AH 406

This intermediate course explores the best practices and strategies of successful mobile experience design. Emphasis is placed on understanding the basics of mobile web and application design, mobile first strategies, elements of mobile design, adaptive and responsive design and user experience. This course is tailored to the student in graphic design working towards building a portfolio for graduation. Each component and class assignment is intended to assist in effectively communicating your ability as a designer to visualize and execute a strong viewpoint, plan and voice.

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Build your Portfolio: Typography 2 this Fall

One of the best ways to build your portfolio is to enroll in Typography 206 this Fall. Guided by Past AIGA President Amy Levine, Partner at Visual Asylum you will complete several dynamic projects that go directly into your finished portfolio. These include beautiful poetry books pictured here, direct mail campaigns for the Old Globe Theatre and other projects that will give your book polish.
This class is a requirement for both our certificate and degree programs and intermediate level students who have completed Typography 106 and Digital Media [or equivalent elsewhere] can grab the remaining seats in this exciting course.

At this link you can see how Bradford Prairie implemented the Type 2 direct mail project into his finished portfolio winning first place at the AIGA San Diego 2014 Portfolio Review.

52450  ARTG206  ADVANCED TYPOGRAPHY  M/W   6:00 PM-9:10 PM    AH 404        
Amy Levine

Friday, August 15, 2014

San Diego City College Graphic Design Fall Semester Begins Next Week in our new Arts/Humanities Building

There has never been a better time to get started or continue your studies with us at San Diego City College Graphic Design. This Fall we move into the new Arts and Humanities building with amazing classrooms, graphic design resource room full of books and digital lab. Our incredible faculty are leaders in the graphic design field and can help you build your skills and portfolio. 

There are a few open seats left in classes highlighted in orange. If you would like to add one of these classes go to the first class meeting to get an add code from the instructor. If you are on the wait list for other full sections come to the first class meeting.

Beginning Level:
79421   ARTG100            BASIC GRAPHIC DESIGN       M/W       9:35 AM-12:45  AH402   Candice López/Rafael López

00345   ARTG100            BASIC GRAPHIC DESIGN       T/Th     6:00 PM-9:10 PM AH402     MaeLin Levine

88649            ARTG174A          BOOK ARTS I        Th    12:45 PM-6:00PM  AH405         
Andrea Singer

51647          ARTG125                DIGITAL MEDIA TR 1:00 PM-4:10PM   AH406
Julie Warren

55936            ARTG125            DIGITAL MEDIA                                  Fully Online
Julie Warren 

89279  ARTG118         GRAPHIC DESIGN HISTORY  T/Th     9:00 AM-10:25 AM  AH 401
Candice López

71662             ARTG118            GRAPHIC DESIGN HISTORY            Fully Online
71677            ARTG118             GRAPHIC DESIGN HISTORY            Fully Online                                           
71686            ARTG118             GRAPHIC DESIGN HISTORY            Fully Online   

41506   ARTG106            TYPOGRAPHY            M/W                 1:00 PM-04:10   AH402      Amy Becraft

79661   ARTG106            TYPOGRAPHY            M/W            4:30 PM-7:40 PM    AH402       Amy Becraft
Intermediate Level
INTERMEDIATE DIGITAL MEDIA 2: See post about this class by clicking here
41522   ARTG126        INTERMEDIATE DIGITAL MEDIA   T/Th    6:00 PM-9:10 PM AH406
Paul Drohan           

INTERMEDIATE GRAPHIC DESIGN I: PAGE LAYOUT                                                                                                                                                               
59758     ARTG124    PAGE LAYOUT            M/W     9:35 AM-12:45 PM   AH 404        
Sean Bacon

See post about this class by clicking here
64981  ARTG133  INTERMEDIATE GRAPHIC DESIGN 2 T/Th  2:30-5:40PM  AH402           
Min Choi

51654   ARTG144    WEB PAGE GRAPHIC DESIGN   M/W    6:00 PM-8:30 PM  AH406
Paul Drohan           

Advanced Level
70823  ARTG148A            PORTFOLIO A     T/Th     9:35 AM-12:45 PM       AH404  
Sean Bacon         

52450  ARTG206  ADVANCED TYPOGRAPHY  M/W   6:00 PM-9:10 PM    AH 404        
Amy Levine

01817            ARTG135  PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES     M/W  4:00 PM-7:10 PM   AH401    MaeLin Levine
This exciting new course will give you the skills needed to transition from being a student designer to a professional. You will develop promotional materials, learn practical skills like how a studio/agency functions, how to price jobs, salaries, keep timecards, interface with professionals and the business of design. This is the perfect class for intermediate/advanced students looking to enter the job field or recent grads. 

Union Tribune Article: City College Turns 100


City College turns 100
Institution hits milestone with new buildings, goals
By Karen Kucher 
Aug. 15, 2014
In 1914, a junior college welcomed its first class of 34 students to a school with no teacher of its own, set up in borrowed space at San Diego High School.

From that humble beginning, the institution eventually known as San Diego City College has grown and matured, taking on shifting roles to meet the needs of the city. Well known for its workforce development and training programs, the college has launched the careers of nurses, graphic designers, broadcasters and business leaders.

As it celebrates its centennial, City College today occupies 60 acres on the eastern edge of downtown, an urban campus that boasts $450 million worth of classrooms and labs built in the past few years. It enrolls 18,000 students each fall.

The dramatic transformation of the college, attended by more than 1 million students since it was launched, takes even longtime professors by surprise.

Candice López, who has taught at the college for 25 years, cried the first time she saw the new classrooms and lab she’ll be using this fall for her graphics design classes. The modern spaces have floor-to-ceiling windows, built-in projectors and screens, ample storage space and huge white boards just waiting for brainstorming sessions. In comparison, her dark, 1950s-era classroom had orange tile floors and fabric-covered cork squares where work was hung with tacks.

“It is almost like the voters dropped from the sky this gift on an institution that is so worthy, and it is really incredible what is possible with these facilities,” said López, referring to the $1.55 billion in bond measures financing the San Diego Community College District’s recent building boom. “The leap is so huge from what we didn’t have to what we do have it is kind of a shock.”

College officials have held activities throughout the year to mark the 100-year milestone and have a number of events planned in early September, including a fundraising gala, a student spirit day and a community open house. 

Centennial events 
September 8: City College Foundation Gala at The Prado in Balboa Park. 
September 9: Student Spirit DaySept. 10: Launch of City College “wrapped” trolley
September 11: Community Open House 

The campus is decked out in banners and posters created by design students who took a centennial branding class last fall. An advertising wrap created by students will adorn a Metropolitan Transit System trolley car that will be unveiled next month.

Anthony Beebe, president of City College, marveled at the foresight of city and school leaders to create San Diego Junior College, the fifth such institution in the state. (The name changed to City College in 1961.) He said many community colleges in California weren’t formed until the 1960s.

“There’s not a lot of colleges that have been around that long,” Beebe said. “That was a unique innovative thought process that was going on with the community back then.”

Steven Schoenherr, a retired University of San Diego history professor, wrote a 252-page book on City College. He said he didn’t know much about the college and the important role it played in the city before his project, including the way the development of the campus spawned downtown urban renewal following World War II.

“You get a sense of the place if you see it first hand,” he said, recalling his first walk around the campus. “That was an eye-opening experience. That told me how important the college was, how many things it was doing. All the buildings are not just there to look at but are performing an important function.”

In recent years, City College has been recognized for the amount of community service performed by its students, for its efforts to encourage research and for its jazz radio station.

López says there’s something special about City College — with its urban location, diverse student body and strong links to the community. She said some of its students, including those who come from other countries, seem “hungrier” for education.

“They want to do things with their lives and they have this unique voice and viewpoint that needs to be heard,” she said. “I know there aren’t enough people of color in the design profession. I feel like City College is an open door and it is a bridge that allows those voices to be heard.”

John Markley, a 76-year-old professor who teaches in the English department, said City College is “one of the friendliest places you could ever be” where students help other students and teachers focus on helping students be successful.

“Our mission is teaching, we go after people who can teach,” said Markley, who has been at the college since 1970. “We don’t have to write books to move up the academic ladder.”

The biggest change he’s seen in his career has been the increase of students going part time as they complete their studies. When he started, most students attended full-time.

Some notable graduates from the college include Josh Higgins, who was design director of the 2012 Obama re-election campaign and now works as communications design team manager at Facebook; Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Hasemyer; Costco founder Jim Sinegal; writer/film producer Cameron Crowe and professional baseball player Sergio Mitre.

Markley said Crowe was 16 when he took his writing class one summer. A few weeks into the course, he asked if Markley would drop him if he left for a week to hang out with a rock band.

The professor told Crowe — who went on to be an editor at Rolling Stone and to write Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous — that he could remain enrolled in the class and to be sure to keep a diary while he was gone.

“He could write. He was a really bright guy.,” Markley said. “I should have kept that diary.”

Beebe said he’s excited to welcome alumni and community members to see the campus during Founder’s Week. People who haven’t been there for awhile will be very surprised, he said.

“They are going to be absolutely blown away,” Beebe said. “That Open House is going to be an important part of kicking off a new era of connection with the community and a new chance for them to see what community college is all about.”

Beebe said his vision for the college moving ahead is to take a leadership role in promoting social responsibility and civility and to address such topics as homelessness, environmental issues and human trafficking and to encourage students to try to find solutions. “We want that curriculum to be tied to what’s important in this community,” he said.

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Be Part of a Legend this Fall

DJRN 220, is the class where Legend Magazine is produced on campus. The magazine class seeks writers, photographers, graphic designers and illustrators. Design students who would benefit from this opportunity can create published material for their portfolios.

Here is the class information:
DJRN 220: Reporting and Editing for Specialty Publications
CRN: 45260
Days/Times: Monday/Wednesday, 12 p.m. to 1:20 p.m., plus additional hours
Room: BT-101
Advisory: ENGL 101 or 105

Here are links to Legend's summer/fall edition (produced last spring):

Students can contact me with questions at

American Institute of Graphic Arts: San Diego City College Student Chapter: Fall 2014 Events

AIGA San Diego City College 2014-15 Co Presidents
Diolinda Monteiro and Sam Spratt

Fall 2014: AIGA SDCC Graphic Design Student Chapter Events
Faculty Advisor: Candice López
AIGA SDCC Co-Presidents: Diolinda Monteiro and Sam Spratt

September 3: Nicola Vruwink of Art Center College of Design

AH 306 3:15-4pm

September 10: Founders week Trolley Launch
10:30am at the San Diego City College Trolley stop. Trolley designed by SDCC student Lindsay Jonkers.

September 11: SDCC Graphic Design Open House for Founders week
AH 401 11:30-1:00 pm

September 24: Mires Ball and Dave Conover of Studio Conover
MiresBall 2605 State St, San Diego, CA 92103
Studio Conover 3131 Reynard Way, San Diego, CA 92103

October 22: Illustrator Rafael López
How to Develop Strong Concepts
AH 306  3:15-4pm

October 29: MaeLin Levine, Principal of Visual Asylum
1045 14th St #120, San Diego, CA 92101

November 3
10:00 am Paul Drohan, Executive Design Director, Digitaria
350 10th Ave San Diego, CA 92101

November 5
Steven Morris: Principal of Mth Degree
950 6th Ave #212, San Diego, CA 92101
10:00 am

November 12:
Studio Tour and Design Sustainability issues: Tyler Blik
710 13th St # 209, San Diego, CA 92101

November 19:
Sean Bacon
Securing scholarships, going for your masters & becoming a design educator
AH 306 from 3:15-4pm

December 3: Bennet Peji at Mingei International Museum
1439 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101
4:00pm to be confirmed

December 10: Screening of movie Helvetica AH 306  3:15-4:15pm

Discover Packaging and Identity at SDCC Graphic Design

Students who have completed typography and digital media courses or equivalent are ready to experience Intermediate Graphic Design 2: Identity Systems and Packaging. This dynamic course is taught by an exceptional designer and teacher Min Choi, the American Institute of Graphic Arts San Diego Education Chair. Here are some of the amazing projects her students created in the Spring 2014 semester. Sign up for ART G 133: CRN 64981 Intermediate Graphic Design 2 meets Tuesday/Thursday 2:30pm-5:40 pm in Room AH402.  There are only 6 seats left!
Chad Palmer

Harry Kim

Harry Kim

Harry Kim Packaging Sketches

Harry Kim

Harry Kim

Harry Kim

Lindsay Jonkers

Lindsay Jonkers

Lindsay Jonkers

Sam Spratt

Sam Spratt

Sam Spratt

Sam Spratt