Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Centennial Trolley Release Video

Congratulations again to Trolley Designer Lindsay Jonkers for her work to created the centennial trolley and to everyone who made this event so memorable. We were just sent this video put together by the Office of Commmunications so check it out.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Conceptual Posters from Design 100

Cesar Gomez-Find the Missing 43

Lies! I wanted to make a poster that brings attention to all the lies that happen in Mexico. All the blood that is shed due to the Cartels and a corrupt government yet nothing seems to happen.
-Ceasar Gomez/Design 100

Margaret Padilla-Unite St. Louis

I chose to make a poster about the protests and riots surrounding the Michael Brown/police brutality case in St. Louis Missouri. As a St. Louis native it is very sad to hear about the turmoil in my hometown. Racism is, and unfortunately will most likely, always be an issue. What really matters is how people react when they realize how it is infecting communities. This poster is a graphic representation of that unity. The arch of St. Louis is used as a graphic element.
-Margaret Padilla/Design 100
Luke Armitage-Social Media Addiction 

This poster is focused on Social Media Addiction. It uses a series of selfies and pays tribute to Andy Warhol.
-Luke Armitage/Design 100
Tuan Anh Le-Washington D.C. Writers Conference

This poster is for a Writer's Conference in Washington D.C. It combines the iconic shape of the Washington Monument and a pen to make it's point in a simple way.
-Tuan Anh Le/ Design 100

Chanvibol Loek-No Child Soldiers poster

My poster dealt with the issue of Child Soldiers in support of an international human rights and advocacy to end military recruitment of anyone under 18 years of age. The organization Child Soldiers International is working to make a difference on this issue. 
-Chan Loek

Jaime Sellers-Helgeson-Medicine Abuse Project

The issue I chose to address is the problem of medicating children with prescription pills, which have addictive and psychoactive short and long term effects on the development and well being of each individual. 
-Jaime Sellers-Helgeson/Design 100

Oscar Pena-Water Conservation

This poster for Earth Day focuses on water conservation. The mission of this organization is to create an environmental movement worldwide through education, public policy and consumer campaigns.
Oscar Pena/Design 100

Melanie R.-Fair Trade

I am very interested in sustainability. I am fortunate to be born in a country where education and a safe workplace is standard. Taking advantage of less fortunate people to save money is simply wrong. That is why I wanted to make a fair trade poster.
-Melanie R./Design 100

These posters were conceptualized and designed by first semester Design 100 students. Each student selected a social, political or cultural theme of their choice and used conceptual techniques to create images with impact. 

Please remember the graphic design lab in AH 406 is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday Nov 22-30.

Amazing Advanced Type Projects

Looking for the right class to build your portfolio this Spring? Check out the amazing work from Advanced Typography 206 taught by Adjunct Professor Amy Levine. Amy is a partner at Visual Asylum and a past President of AIGA San Diego.

Spring classes start January 26 and Type 2 meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20pm-5:30pm. You need to have Type 1 under you belt as well as Digital Media 125 before enrolling.

Click here to Enroll Advanced Type: CRN 73947

In this project Type 2 students created proposals for book jackets, cds, websites and informational brochures for a series of Language, Literacy and Content books for National Geographic/ Hampton Brown. Thanks to the Fall 2014 students for sharing their work.

Harry Kim

Harry Kim

Harry Kim

Harry Kim

Harry Kim

Harry Kim

Harry Kim
Yvonne Anaya
Yvonne Anaya
Colleen Sanders
Fannie Ko

Fannie Ko

Fannie Ko

Fannie Ko

Fannie Ko

Fannie Ko

Jake Gavino
Jake Gavino

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ram Castillo: November 18

AIGA San Diego Event coming up on November 18th specifically designed for students and recent graduates. Ram Castillo, the speaker, is coming from Australia to do a U.S. speaking tour here in the states and our chapter is the first stop!He is the author of the book Giant Thinkers   This event is free for all current students and AIGA Members. $5 for Non-members who aren't students.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

AIGA SDCC Studio Tours first week of November

What a great Fall it has been. Next week we have two new studio tours so put on your walking shoes. Meet at 9:30 sharp on Monday November 3 and Wednesday November 5 at AH 401. We will be walking from SDCC to these two downtown studios.

November 3 at 10am
350 Tenth Avenue. San Diego, CA 92101
Paul Drohan, Executive Design Director

November 5 at 10am
The Mth Degree
950 6th Avenue. #212. San Diego, CA 92101
Steven Morris, Principal

Remaining Event this Fall:

Digitaria  November 3 @10am
10:00 am Paul Drohan, Executive Design Director, Digitaria
350 10th Ave San Diego, CA 92101

The Mth Degree  November 5 @ 10am
Steven Morris: Principal of Mth Degree
950 6th Ave #212, San Diego, CA 92101
10:00 am

Blik  November 12 @ 3:10pm
Studio Tour and Design Sustainability issues: Tyler Blik
710 13th St # 209, San Diego, CA 92101

Sean Bacon November 19 @ 3:15pm
Sean Bacon
Securing scholarships, going for your masters and becoming a design educator

Diego and Sons December 1 @ 10am
Diego and Sons Printing Tour
2104 National Ave., San Diego, CA 92113

Mingei Museum December 3 @ 3:30pm
Tour of Mingei International Museum
1439 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

Helvetica December 10 @ 3:10pm

AH 306  

Spring 2015 Graphic Design Class Schedule

San Diego City College Graphic Design/ Arts & Humanities

Beginning Level
08491 ARTG 100 Basic Graphic Design             MW  2:20pm-5:30pm     AH402             Min Choi
65068 ARTG 100 Basic Graphic Design             MW  6:00pm-9:10pm     AH402             MaeLin Levine
06449 ARTG 106 Typography                             MW  9:35am-12:45pm    AH406           Amy Becraft
55666 ARTG 106 Typography                             TR   6:00pm-9:10pm      AH406            Amy Becraft
41170 ARTG 118 Graphic Design History          WEB                                                       Candice López
80904 ARTG 118 Graphic Design History          WEB                                                       Candice López
93223 ARTG 118 Graphic Design History          WEB                                                       Candice López
06455 ARTG 118 Graphic Design History          T/Th  9:35am-11am        AH401           Candice López
65102  ARTG 120 Illustration                              MW 2:20pm-5:30pm      AH306           Wayne Hulgin
54886  ARTG 174A Book Arts 1                          Th 1:00pm-5:45pm        AH405           Andrea Singer
06432  ARTG 125  Digital Media                        WEB                                                       Julie Warren
06432  ARTG 125  Digital Media                        T/Th 2:20pm-5:30pm       AH406          Julie Warren

Intermediate Level
56120  ARTG 124   Page Layout                          T/Th 9:35am-12:45pm     AH404          Sean Bacon
03136  ARTG 133   Logo and  Packaging             TR 6:00pm-9:10pm         AH 402         Min Choi
54969  ARTG 144   Web Page Design                  MW 6:00pm-9:10pm       AH406          Paul Drohan
73947  ARTG 206   Advanced Typography          T/Th 2:20pm-5:30pm      AH404          Amy Levine

Advanced Level
08489  ARTG 148B    Portfolio B                          MW   9:35-12:45             AH404          Sean Bacon
65084  ARTG 148C   Portfolio Building                MW    1:00pm-4:10pm   AH404          
                                                                                                                     Candice López/ Sean Bacon

View the Requirements for the Graphic Design Certificate and Degree

Click this link to view past portfolios
Class of 2014 San Diego City College Graphic Design 
Class of 2013 San Diego City College Graphic Design

Monday, October 20, 2014

Josh Higgins speaks to Changing the World Through Design

Grateful. Last Wednesday Josh Higgins spoke to the Artists and Designers Today class and our AIGA SDCC student chapter via skype from Facebook Headquarters. It was so much fun.

Check out this recent article from the Phoenix New Times about making a difference with your life and work.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Studio Tours this Wednesday 9/24 -please arrive at 3:15

Don't miss our AIGA San Diego City College Studio Tour event to MiresBall and StudioConover this Wednesday 9/24. Meet at MiresBall.

On September 24 we will be touring 2 professional design studios and will meet at the first studio Mires Ball. These two studios are located within a very short walking distance of each other.

MiresBall: 2605 State Street. San Diego, CA 92103
Studio Conover: 3131 Reynard Way, San Diego, CA 92103

There is street parking.
StudioConover is a cross-discipline design studio specializing in Integrated Brand Strategies, and Product and Architectural Consultation for the Built Environment.

MiresBall | Branding, Identity, Packaging & Design Agency
MiresBall is a branding agency in San Diego that develops strategy, marketing, & graphic communications.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Founder's Week Trolley Release: Design by Lindsay Jonkers SDCC Graphic Design

Vintage style at the Founders Week Trolley Roll out!
Professor Andrea Singer was the mastermind of the incredible Vintage Costumes
Old meets New at the Founder's Week Trolley Dedication
Lovely Lulubi in front of her larger than life trolley portrait

Woman of the Hour: Trolley Designer Lindsay Jonkers

Go Lindsay! Not only did she design it but she made it fit an 80 foot trolley

Portrait of Design Student Harry Kim

Professors Sean Bacon and Candice López team taught the Centennial Branding Class that developed the trolley design.
Lindsay with SDCC President Anthony Beebe

SDCC Communications Director Heidi Bunkowske organizes the big event with style

Agents of Change Trolley gets ready to roll out of the MTS yard

Graphic Design Lab Technician Eugene Brown gets playful in front of his portrait

Chancellor Constance Carroll steps back in time

Founder's week couldn't have had a more student-centered, dynamic and festive celebration than the trolley release last Wednesday. It meant so much to all of us in design to see the work of San Diego City College graphic design student Lindsay Jonkers roll down the tracks! Her design Agents of Change was unanimously selected to represent the diversity and spirit of San Diego City College. It featured portraits of students, faculty and staff artfully shot by professional photographer Stephen Simpson. Thanks to MTS for supporting this project!

The work of SDCC Graphic Design/Drama Professor Andrea Singer was simply amazing! Her flair made history come alive as she decked out students, faculty and staff in vintage costumes representing the 100 years of City College history. The Cosmetology department delivered makeup and hair that was inspiring. Thanks to Department Chair Extraordinaire June Richards for her unending support and vision. What incredible work with the organization and planning by our Communications team Heidi Bunkowske and Jamie Netherland. Thrilling to celebrate with our wonderful new President Anthony Beebe, Chancellor Carroll, interim President Lynn Neault and Trustees. Hundreds of cheering students lined the tracks to greet the trolley as it arrived from Imperial Station to the San Diego City College trolley stop.

Photography by Stephen Simpson