Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fall 2013: San Diego City College Graphic Design Schedule

At San Diego City College Graphic Design we have a large selection of classes that meet days and evenings, on campus, fully and partially online. We have some exciting new courses to explore including Intermediate Digital Media 126 with Julie Warren where students can work with motion graphics, interactive files and comprehensively use digital tools in the development of projects published to both print and web platforms. Students who have passed Digital Media 125 are eligible for this class.Lisa Starace will be teaching the new Portfolio Process class 148C designed for advanced students who want to build process and production skills and spreads for their finished portfolio.
Sean Bacon and Candice López will be co-teaching the exciting Centennial Branding 151 class for intermediate/advanced students. This class will operate like a design studio and we will actually be designing, producing and printing four color graphics for the college centennial in 2014. Students will have the opportunity to get printed samples for their portfolio.

85395  Basic Design 100:Andrea Singer-Mon/Wed 9:35am-12:45
01749  Typography 106: Amy Becraft-Mon/Wed 9:35am-12:45    
85806  Typography 106:MaeLin Levine-Tue/Thurs 5:50pm-9:00 
97639  Book Arts 1 174A:Andrea Singer-Mon/Wed 1:00pm-4:10  
76157 Design History 118:Candice Lopez-Fully ONLINE
76179 Design History 118:Candice Lopez-Fully ONLINE
76166  Design History 118:Candice Lopez-Fully ONLINE
98562 Design History 118:Candice Lopez-Tue/Thurs 9:00am-10:25 
52803  Digital Media 125:Julie Willis-Tue/Thurs 1:00pm-4:10
57535  Digital Media 125:Julie Warren-ONLINE

52812  Web Page Design 144:STAFF-Mon/Wed 6:00pm-8:30
62067  Int. GD 2: 124: Sean Bacon-Mon/Wed 9:35am-12:45   
01761  Int. Digital Media 126: Julie Warren-Mon/Wed 1-4:10
68156  Int. GD 2 133:Candice Lopez-Mon/Wed 8:50am-12 
53698  Type 206:Amy Levine-Mon/Wed 5:50pm-9 
01755  Travel by Design: Centennial Branding Class-Mon/Wed 2:05pm-5:15
                                                 Sean Bacon and Candice Lopez
74959  Portfolio 148A: Partially Online and Tue 1:00pm-4:10 
                                                Sean Bacon and Rafael Lopez
40200  Portfolio Building 148C: Partially Online and Tue 5:55pm-9
                                                Lisa Starace

Visit this link to view the requirements for the San Diego City College graphic design certificate and associates degree

Please visit this link to view the portfolios of our 2013 Portfolio Class.
Happy to report that our graduates have been snapped up by firms like Digitaria, Mth Degree, Parker White and Vitro Robertson.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Alumni Profile: Mike Stivers

SDCC Alumni Mike Stivers

This month we are profiling alumni Mike Stivers, whose skills are focused in the area of advertising art direction. He works as a freelance art director, creative director and designer.

In college I studied television/film, creative writing and photography. So naturally I spent my 20s bartending, rock climbing and leading kayak trips in Baja. Eventually, I wanted to get creative again so I took graphic design classes from the AMAZING Candice Lopez at City College and started as a production artist at DiZinno Thompson advertising. I quickly became an Art Director then Creative Director working on brands such as San Diego Tourism, The Padres, Upper Deck, Miller Brewing, Birch Aquarium, Croce's, Walking Co and Hewlett Packard to name a few.

I left to freelance in 2004 and have continued to work on various national brands: Adidas, TaylorMade, Callaway Golf, Jaguar, Toshiba, Kawasaki, Cleveland Golf, Odyssey Putters, Yamaha, Newcastle, among many others. I have particular appreciation for great writers but enjoy collaborating with anyone who is passionate about what they do.

I am interested in the unique and always strive to create messaging that is relevant, honest, emotional and visually striking. Samples of my work can be viewed at