Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

What better holiday than Halloween to showcase innovative design thinking and technical skill. Getting things started with this incredible Mad Hatter costume and make-up by SDCC design student Gary Harding. He researched the film with Johnny Depp for authenticity and made the lined coat with tails and hat from scratch! That coat is going to look great with jeans after the party is over Gary. Thanks for sending this along.

Please share your costume with us as I will be posting them up all week long. Send them to:

Pictured below is the artistry of: Christopher Torres and his friends as green soliders, a spooky Karla Trejo, Eva Sabile as a Zombie cat, Joseph Sanchez as a Zombie farmer, and Angie Solis who created this Zombie Wario costume for her boyfriend. Zombies were big this year.
Mai Dong sent along two shots to wrap it up followed by Ivonne Fernandez as Marie Antoinette.

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