Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Saturday is the AIGA San Diego Portfolio Review. If you are planning to be in portfolio in 2013 it would give you a great head start to see what this dynamic event is all about. It’s all about getting you a job or transferring to the school of your dreams. Your portfolio is what makes it happen!

AIGA SDCC Portfolio Review: Observers Registration Fee is $20. Here is a link where you can register in advance or you can pay at the door. 
For the first time the SDCC Portfolio teachers, Sean Bacon and Candice López have planned a very special event that we know students won’t want to miss. It will be our very first Decompression Session. Please join us on
Wednesday May 16 in Room V403A from 11am –1:00 pm on the SDCC Campus [This room is in the photography building]
You can view the finished portfolios from members of this year’s portfolio class. It’s your chance to hear direct from them what the experience of portfolio and the portfolio review was like. While it is still fresh in their minds they can tell you what worked for them and what didn’t. Not only will this event be fun and fascinating it will give you valuable information to propel your own work in portfolio.
See you there!


  1. Candice! I'm amazed at City's work this year! I'll definitely be going to make this. I'll be sure to also invite a couple of SDSU graphic design students to attend also.

  2. Norman
    It was wonderful to see you at the review and thank you for all you give back to students. Your expertise and creative ideas always fuel the next generation.