Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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ARTG 135 Professional Practices
Professor MaeLin Levine

This course is a practical study of professional practices for graphic designers. Emphasis is placed on employment opportunities, freelance, and small business creation in the graphic design field. Students work on real-world projects to assess their strengths and weaknesses, create a personal brand, and interact with various working professionals. Topics also include self-promotion, contracts, and professional networking. This course is designed for students majoring in graphic design. Associate Degree Credit & transfer to CSU. 

This course will NOT be a project intensive course, great to take this course either concurrently with Portfolio, just after completing Portfolio or before embarking on the Portfolio preparation track! 

We will be visiting a variety of design businesses from boutique design firms, to advertising/marketing agencies, to in-house communications departments, hearing from seasoned professionals, potential employers on how to break in and be prepared for opportunities, here are just a few:
-Jacob Tyler
-SquarePeg Packaging
-Salk Institute

Beyond having a great portfolio, what are employers really looking for when hiring young designers? Once hired, how do you keep the job and when is it time to move on? What is the breadth and scope of work I might expect in my career? How to plot a successful design career? What's the difference between an advertising agency, design firm, in-house department? How do I become a "freelancer"? What to charge and how?

Professor MaeLin Levine is an AIGA National Fellow and past President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts San Diego chapter. She is a principal of Visual Asylum and has also attended the Harvard business school. She will help you bridge the gap from student to professional designer. ONLY twenty (20) seats available, register early!

CRN 01817
04:00 PM-07:10 PM
08-18 to 12-16

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