Thursday, November 20, 2014

Conceptual Posters from Design 100

Cesar Gomez-Find the Missing 43

Lies! I wanted to make a poster that brings attention to all the lies that happen in Mexico. All the blood that is shed due to the Cartels and a corrupt government yet nothing seems to happen.
-Ceasar Gomez/Design 100

Margaret Padilla-Unite St. Louis

I chose to make a poster about the protests and riots surrounding the Michael Brown/police brutality case in St. Louis Missouri. As a St. Louis native it is very sad to hear about the turmoil in my hometown. Racism is, and unfortunately will most likely, always be an issue. What really matters is how people react when they realize how it is infecting communities. This poster is a graphic representation of that unity. The arch of St. Louis is used as a graphic element.
-Margaret Padilla/Design 100
Luke Armitage-Social Media Addiction 

This poster is focused on Social Media Addiction. It uses a series of selfies and pays tribute to Andy Warhol.
-Luke Armitage/Design 100
Tuan Anh Le-Washington D.C. Writers Conference

This poster is for a Writer's Conference in Washington D.C. It combines the iconic shape of the Washington Monument and a pen to make it's point in a simple way.
-Tuan Anh Le/ Design 100

Chanvibol Loek-No Child Soldiers poster

My poster dealt with the issue of Child Soldiers in support of an international human rights and advocacy to end military recruitment of anyone under 18 years of age. The organization Child Soldiers International is working to make a difference on this issue. 
-Chan Loek

Jaime Sellers-Helgeson-Medicine Abuse Project

The issue I chose to address is the problem of medicating children with prescription pills, which have addictive and psychoactive short and long term effects on the development and well being of each individual. 
-Jaime Sellers-Helgeson/Design 100

Oscar Pena-Water Conservation

This poster for Earth Day focuses on water conservation. The mission of this organization is to create an environmental movement worldwide through education, public policy and consumer campaigns.
Oscar Pena/Design 100

Melanie R.-Fair Trade

I am very interested in sustainability. I am fortunate to be born in a country where education and a safe workplace is standard. Taking advantage of less fortunate people to save money is simply wrong. That is why I wanted to make a fair trade poster.
-Melanie R./Design 100

These posters were conceptualized and designed by first semester Design 100 students. Each student selected a social, political or cultural theme of their choice and used conceptual techniques to create images with impact. 

Please remember the graphic design lab in AH 406 is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday Nov 22-30.


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