Sunday, October 20, 2013

AIGA SDCC Student Chapter

Upcoming Events:
10/23 AIGA Membership Bash Learn More
10/30 AIGA SDCC Digitaria Tour [See information below]11/2 Green build Art 7 Sustainability Airport Tour  10am-2pm  Learn More

2/6/2014 AIGA San Diego Unite at San Diego City College Saville Theatre
3/14 -3/15/ 2014AIGA Y Design Conference #19 Curiosity
5/10/2014 AIGA San Diego Portfolio Review

October AIGA San Diego City College Student Chapter Event:
Join us for a tour of Digitaria with Executive Design Director Paul Drohan. Paul is currently teaching the web page design at San Diego City College. The firm recently won Brand Diego's Brand Agency of the Year. A digital agency founded in 1997 and aligned with JWT they are rooted in the disciplines of design, data, marketing and technology. Through immersive experiences they transform the way brands communicate and how businesses are run.
We will meet at Digitaria at 4pm. Take the elevator up to the Digitaria lobby.
350 10th Avenue #1200 in downtown San Diego

If you would like to join us email by 10/28/13 to make your reservation.

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