Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grow your design portfolio in Travel by Design

Intermediate and Advanced Design Students create unique projects that make a difference for their portfolio, community and world in Travel by Design. Past projects have included branding a struggling medieval Tuscan hilltown, designing an actual San Diego trolley, and designing and branding a Soviet Poster Show. Team taught by Sean Bacon and Candice López students get the opportunity to work on real world projects and develop work that communicates their voice, vision and viewpoint. It's fast, fun and all about building your book!

This Fall:
1. Branding Zandunga a music venue for world class musicians that sells local sustainable products from the countryside near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
2. Designing an original typeface and application
3. Identity manual or original forms for your portfolio

Just a few spaces left:
98305  TTh 1-4:40pm              Candice López/Sean Bacon AH401

Soviet Poster Show Environmental Graphics by Sam Spratt

Soviet Poster Exhibit catalog by William Inglis

Trolley Design by Lindsay Jonkers

Tuscan hilltown branding by Lindsay Jonkers

Font by Tila Williams

Font by Lulubi Garcias

Font design and application by Damian Luna

Tuscan hilltown branding by Drew Vereen


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