Thursday, August 20, 2015

Web Page Design Class this Fall!

Learn Web Page Design from one of San Diego's best: Paul Drohan, Executive Design Director of Mirum the largest digital agency in San Diego. Grow your skills and marketability!
 Learn to understand the fundamentals and principles of web pages.
Analyze the anatomy and unity of web design.
Define and execute the elements of web design.
Demonstrate appropriate understanding of typography on the web.
Effectively understand site planning and the basics of user experience.
Understand the principles of responsive and adaptive design.
Design successful web pages that utilize the best practices learned.

There are just a few spaces left in this class and SDCC has won the web/interactive category at the AIGA San Diego portfolio review for several years running. Sign up now!

03611 TTh  6-9:10pm            Paul Drohan                          AH402


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