Sunday, November 13, 2011

Portfolio Building Workshops

Here's an update for students hoping to get a jump start on their portfolio building.
Workshops with Candice López and Sean Bacon start this coming Friday.

11/18 from 2-5pm in V403A Identity and Packaging
12/2 from 3-5pm in V403A Identity Manual
[we start an hour later due to the scheduled field trip to Digitaria from 12-2.]
12/9 from 2-5pm in V403A Type Font Design
12/16 from 2-5pm in V403A Multipage project


  1. Candice, just curious...what are these portfolio building workshops that are held on Fridays? Are these workshops different from portfolio prep. I might like to register for one next semester. I'm especially interested in Type Font Design. It all sounds interesting. Hope all is well with you!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    This is going to be a new class offered for 8 weeks this Spring. We are going to build a package, identity manual, type font and annual report. We held workshops this semester to get students working prior to the semester on their concepts and the last workshop is this coming Friday. Hope you are well. The class will be on campus and online.