Friday, November 11, 2011

SDCC Alumni Josh Higgins story in East County Times

As a bass player for the San Diego rock group fluf, Josh Higgins traveled the country touring with notable acts like Jawbreaker, Fugazi, Blink 182 and Sublime. His music led him to a career in graphic design and San Diego City College. His socially conscious work such as the So-Cal Fire Poster Project and Haiti Poster Project has received international recognition and the attention of important companies and clients.

Now Josh has a new boss. He works for the President of the United States and consults with him personally. "Josh doesn't have to pinch himself awake for the dream. He's living it. He is now responsible for the artwork and design of his whole re-election campaign".
To read about Josh's incredible story and his start at San Diego City College Graphic Design check out this article in the East County Times by Ray Wong.

Pictured above: Poster: Come Together by Josh Higgins

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