Monday, November 28, 2011

This Friday December 2 at noon: Digitaria Tour

We've had so many amazing workshops this Fall Semester. We are now in the planning stages for our Spring events. As the AIGA SDCC Faculty Advisor I want to personally thank all the energetic students and faculty who have participated and helped create this dynamic forum to push our knowledge and skills. If you haven't had the chance to experience the magic for yourself there is an exciting studio tour this Friday!
See you at Digitaria this Friday at noon.

Candice López

Friday December 2: Digitaria Studio Tour

Senior Creative Director and SDCC Alumni Paul Drohan will showcase the work of this award winning, full service digital agency. They offer interactive strategy, design, marketing, technology, search, and analytics. Digitaria creates bonds between brands and consumers through modern technology’s multitude of interpersonal platforms. These meaningful relationships can only be created digitally, since only the digital platform allows for such unique interactivity with the masses on a personal scale.

Today, brands live digitally on so many devices it has become borderline impossible to control. Companies now depend on elite marketing communications companies to be the digital brand stewards. It’s no longer only about strategies that embrace a brand’s core attributes, it’s about ensuring a true understanding of how that brand is living, breathing and prospering across digital platforms. Digitaria is platform agnostic, and have built an extraordinary team of diverse skill sets and capabilities. That rare combination and balance inspires seamless and effective work across all platforms.

Digitaria. 350 10th Avenue, Suite 1200. San Diego, CA 92101-12 noon to 1:30pm

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