Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alumni Sergio Cabrera: Broadcast Designer/Animator

This month we were thrilled to catch up with SDCC alumni Sergio Cabrera who continued to create amazing work after completing his studies with us in graphic design.

Without San Diego City College Graphic Design I wouldn’t be the professional I am now. Every lesson and chapter learned, every project and every critique have given me tools I use every day. Design is the language that channels your creativity to find new ways to express yourself. There are no limits to where you can go.

I’ve been a broadcast graphic designer/animator at KFMB TV for 11 years.
I love being part of a team that communicates to a wide audience of the community in real time. It has the power to find solutions that could possibly benefit many people.

Passion for my work is the fuel that keeps me going every day. At SDCC I was able to find this, and the inspiration has never stopped. Being creative infinitely opens your horizons. It has the power to enhance every area of your life, and it reflects on others around you.

Check out some of Sergio's incredible work for KFMB at this link.

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